and the story concludes …

ARRGH! … what don’t you get?  I have no internet!  I wait on hold.  I want a shower … I desperately want a shower.



This image was made by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) via Wikimedia Commons

I take my mobile phone and it’s charger to the bathroom; I have power now so I plug it in, I put the phone onto speaker, undress and step into the shower; I have my shower with the shower screen open so I can hear my phone.  Ahhh, it is bliss.  I wash, I don’t want to get out; I cool the water off a bit more.  Reluctantly, I get out of the shower because Telstra might actually answer soon …

Waiting …

I get dried, I get dressed, I make my bed; I wait for Telstra to answer.  I look up a recipe to cook at work this afternoon.  It’s a bit of Sunday work fun, check that I have the ingredients, get the recipe half prepared so it is easier to make at work … Chilli Jam & Vintage Cheese Damper, oh so yummy and made with my homemade Chilli Jam.

Finally Telstra answer, I guess I am speaking with Jason’s brother, I forget his name, I didn’t write it down.  It’s the usual quiz but he seems to be able to locate my account quite quickly, not sure if he understands what has happened but he says he will test it, and did you guess right?  It fails.  He tells me he will have to escalate it and puts me on hold.

At some point before I decide to hang up, he finally returns to the line, he explains that he has escalated the problem, that I will receive a call back to fix the problem.  That call back has been scheduled for Wednesday between 7am and 9am.  What the … ???  Today is Sunday, that’s still three days away and three days with no internet is almost as bad a 18 hours without power.

Complicated Life

When did this happen?  Why did life become so complicated?  How did our grandparents survive?  Or their grandparents?  And what does it really mean “to go off grid”?  So many questions and I cannot find anyone who has any of the answers.

The events of today, which started with yesterday’s storm, made me realise just how much we rely on things, power, internet, water being on tap … so how did the early settlers do it?  There were no project builders to build a luxury house, they had to build their own slab hut with their bare hands and basic hand tools; no Google to provide step by step instructions, no power tools to do the job quicker, but somehow they just got the job done.  And they got it done without the bragging rights available via Facebook, posting each and every achievement as you go.

Maybe I’ll Start A Blog

Today being my starting point, I have enjoyed my ranting and raving, I am looking forward to finding the next item about which I can write or blog … does anyone speak like that anymore, in our modern world, is it now more correct to say the next thing I can blog about?  Not that I even know what to do with this first blog (or how long it should be) as I have no internet connection for the next three days; I am not a Facebooker and if I were, again I have no internet connection.  I do not claim to be a good writer, nor a good story teller, but I do enjoy trying and just maybe, I might even get better with practice.

Maybe with another instalment I can update you on my internet nightmare.  Just how long it takes to get fixed and what I find to do without using the internet.  Or maybe you can tell me how you amuse yourself when you find yourself unexpectedly without power or internet?

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