Simple Things


It is often the simplest of things that bring us the greatest of joys … simple things like a smile from a stranger, you know the sort of smile I mean, that genuine smile, one that creates a silent but infectious giggle within you, leaving you with nothing else to do but smile at the very next stranger you pass and often keeps you smiling for the rest of the day.


I have fond memories of when I was a young child, I would wait and listen for the sound of my Dad’s small truck (we lived half way up a very steep hill, so it was easy to pick it from the rest of the traffic) as he came home from work.  I would run to meet him at the top of the drive, jump in the cab, sit on his lap and steer the small truck into the shed.  I felt like Queen of the castle as I sat there, believing that I was in full control of the vehicle!

Simple Things


My Dad had so much to give and he was well aware, that to give joy, it did not need to be expensive or complicated or fancy.  When the season was just right, sometimes he would arrive home after work with a single native hibiscus for me.  I loved them!  But sadly, once picked, even when handled with care and put promptly into water, they would only last a few hours.  Even to this day, when I see them in flower by the roadside, they bring me joy.  I don’t bother to stop and pick them as my Dad did, but with that memory, the joy they still bring to me is immense.

Unconditional Love

The unconditional love that animals can provide is also another simple joy.  It’s no wonder so many people have pets; no matter whether they be cats or dogs, reptiles or birds, they still provide their owner with joy.

Currently and by deliberate choice, I am “pet-less”.  I live on acreage in the middle of much larger cattle properties and am visited almost daily by Bennetts (red-necked) Wallabies and the joy they bring me cannot be described in words.  It’s a feeling that just oozes up from within.

I totally get the unconditional love that a dog can gives it owner; the dog has reason to love its owner, its owner feeds and shelters it, plays with it and take care of it.  But it really does not compare with the unconditional love that comes from the up close and personal encounter with wild and native wildlife.

Random Behaviour

These wild animals are not trained to behave in a certain manner and certainly have no particular reason to visit me; it is completely random.  I do not and will not feed them, though I do talk to them, in both English and Skippy.  It makes me wonder if they are getting used to my voice complete with Queensland drawl.  Does the mother wallaby come and visit just to show off her new joey who shyly pokes her head out from the safety of her mother’s pouch? Or is it a mere coincidence that the grass she loves to eat, grows close to my house?  The reason does not really matter for the joy would be just as great!

What simple pleasures bring you joy?

Please spread the love & laughter ; )