Please Mr Centipede, Knock First!

Mr Centipede, before you enter

A simple knock would be polite

Just a courtesy to say

That you have an invite

But no, you barge right on in

And it is me who gets the fright

Knock First


Why is my bathroom

The chosen place to hang out?

It’s one place you don’t want to be

When I am about

That you will surely see

You uninvited lout!

Knock First


If in one piece you wish to remain

For the rest of your days

Take some advice Mr Centipede

And please stay away

From my bathroom and my house

Or unpleasantly, you will pay


One hundred legs you surely have

Just one of them is required

To knock upon my door

Or were you feeling a little tired?

Please accept my apology

For your time has now expired

Knock First

I’m so sorry Mr Centipede

It was no harm that I meant

But the very sight of you

Made your death be my intent

To ensure the protection of my family

The method I must invent


It was only a pair of scissors

That ensured your demise

For in my bathroom

It is nasty critters I despise

But just one knock first

May have found a compromise

Knock First

To your wife

You could have returned

And from me

Respect you would have earned

But instead, the bin

In two pieces, you were turned


It is just a courtesy

To knock first

Before into one’s bathroom

You do burst!

Let that be a lesson

Or your family I will curse.

Knock First

Do you understand?

This did not have to be so

Into the bin in two pieces

You did not have to go

But an invitation in hand

Did you have? No, No, NO!


Please spread the love & laughter ; )


  1. It’s a great piece! May I share it with my young students? I run a small home school and I’m passionate about teaching poetry to children. Best wishes, Bev

  2. Scissors!!! Lol The nearest weapon you had.

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