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Not Going Solo

My journey to this point has definitely not been a solo adventure.  There is another group of people I would like to Thank.  These are people whom I’ve never met, they live out in the land of cyberspace (links can be found below) but have still provided me with invaluable assistance.

Often, they are writers helping writers, who are fabulous with helping to deal with or ignore the demons that are the internal voices of self-doubt; the internal critics that seem to plague the creative types.  They have provided endless motivation and reassurance and while managing to make me feel not so alone which has encouraged me to forge on ahead.

Other times they are the people who help one way or another with the technical side of things like building this very website.  In which I mean … I have never before built a website, and … YES, I built this website all by myself along with their ‘cyberspacial-assistance’.

And these people I will name, for if you find you have the need, you may be able to utilise their skills too, so in no particular order except by the grouping of help by type and even then, these groups may overlap …

Writers Helping Writers:
Technical Assistance:
 Simply Enjoyable Websites I Have Found:

(check them out, you might enjoy them too)


 To all of you listed above, I sincerely Thank You!!!

There is plenty more help out there in cyberspace and there are many more people and organisations that I have referred to for information, but those listed above of the ones I return to all the time, have read their books, done their on-line courses and either would recommend or have recommended them to others.

If you are setting out on a new journey, a new adventure, Good Luck!

If you have a dream that you would like to explore … be brave and go do it!!

Cheers  xox  😉


Please spread the love & laughter ; )