Howl at the Moon

(creative commons)

The full moon that comes around once a month (twice a month when it’s blue) is a beautiful sight.  It does more than just shine brightly in the night sky, it controls the tides and maybe it even influences people and their behaviours.

With A Little Help From My App

I have an app on my phone that lets me know the moon’s cycle, it doesn’t really have any particular purpose, except that I find it interesting to know what the moon is up to.  I love the weird and wonderful names for the various stages of the moon cycle … waxing gibbous moon, sounds like a decadent dessert.


This moon app would sync with my calendar so I could see the moon cycle in my calendar without having to open the app.  After about two years, it stopped syncing and no matter what I did, I could not make it sync again, so I found another moon app.  A month or so ago, when the moon was full, my phone howled in the middle of the night.  Seriously???  Had I just been woken in the middle of the night by a howling phone?  At first I could not work it out, I thought there must have been wolves somewhere … in Australia???  I reached for my phone to check what stupid o’clock time it was, and that’s when I realised that it was the moon app on my phone that was howling at the full moon.


Then once again, this month I was woken in the middle of the night by my phone howling at the full moon.  Seriously!  Who writes these apps?  At least this time I knew it was my phone and I quickly silenced it, but I did not bother to look at the time, I knew it was stupid o’clock.  I tossed and turned and did not manage to get back to sleep.  Eventually I figured that I had better go to the toilet and then I might be able to sleep again.  I check the time it was 3:50am and I felt like I had been tossing and turning in my bed for almost an hour.

Toilet visit complete, a drink of water while I am up, I return to bed, I toss and turn some more; I must have slipped back into slumber because next thing I know, I am woken by my neighbour’s dog barking, she is probably just having her turn to howl at the full moon.  Again, I lie there wishing for sleep to take hold, there is more tossing and turning before I realise that I must have been asleep again as I had woken myself up with my own snoring!  Was it my turn to howl at the full moon?

Was I ever going to get some more sleep before my phone sounds the alarm signalling that it is time to wake up?  There is some more tossing and turning before the alarm wakes me, I am reluctant to acknowledge it because it feels like I have not slept at all.


Bleary eyed and trying to enjoy my morning coffee, I take a closer look at that new moon app, I press here and I press there and finally I find the settings section (not under the usual type of symbol for settings but there they are all the same) and can you believe it, this is what I found …

HOWL AT THE MOON                               ON/OFF

I promptly turn that howl off without a second thought.  Blue or not, I now know that I will sleep happily through the next full moon!

Once In A Blue Moon

This month we are fortunate enough to witness a blue moon, with two full moons this month, the first one on the 2nd and second one on the 31st of this month.  Take a look at the night sky tomorrow night, absorb the beauty of the full moon and just for laughs, have a little howl.  Maybe you can even get those things done that you say only happen once in a blue moon.

Once In A Blue Blood Moon

And just to add a little more twist to the tale, this blue moon will also be a lunar eclipse turning the moon an orange red hue.  For those of us who live in South East Qld (Australia) apparently we will have the best viewing of it, weather and cloud cover permitting.

The eclipse will start around 9:48pm with the most intense colour of the eclipse being between 10:51pm and 12:07am .

It’s All Very Super!

One more element to make this full moon even more special is that it is a Super Moon, with the moon being at it’s closest point to Earth during its monthly cycle.  This is turn makes the moon appear bigger and brighter in the night sky.  The best time to see it looking its most  ‘Super’ will be just after moon rise at around 6:26pm.

Once Every 152 Years

The last time we witnessed this combination of a ‘Super Blood Moon’ was 152 years ago!!!

Maybe it is worthy of a great big howl!


Please spread the love & laughter ; )