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My Tribe

To all of the wonderful people I call “My Tribe”, I cannot begin to Thank You enough.  For without each and every one of you, I could not possibly have seen this project through to this point.  It is with much appreciation in my heart that I write these words to you …

My Thanks

I am absolutely certain that all of you know who you are & I sincerely Thank You all.  I will not try to name any of you for fear of leaving someone out, or appearing to list people in some order of priority.

Some of you have helped proof read, some have provided feedback or technical advice, some have held my hand and others have simply said the right words just when I needed to hear them.  Some of you have given me more of your time than others but that is no measure of the value I place on the support and encouragement all of you have provided.

My Dad

While I have chosen not to name names, I do wish to Thank my Father, a writer himself, for he is my greatest inspiration and motivating factor. 

If he were still alive today to bear witness to this, the launch of my writing journey on this day his birthday, I know that he would have been my greatest advocate.

You, the reader will get to meet my Father as he makes appearances in many of my stories.  And because of this I know he has been on this journey with me.

My Journey

My journey to get here has not been a solo venture nor has it been a quick one.  But the launch of my website is definitely a milestone which sees the end of one phase and the start of another.

I do hope that you will join me as I continue my journey.  Please spread the word and let’s see where it takes us.

Thank You  xox  😉

Please spread the love & laughter ; )