Month: December 2017

It’s Just the Start! (part two)

and so the story continues …


This image was made by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble) via Wikimedia Commons

Delightful girl that Melissa, probably her first job since leaving high school.  She repeats herself.  I tell her again that I have no power and that I am dying for a shower.  She repeats herself.  Maybe she is probably wondering why I cannot have a shower.  Instead of asking about that, she interrogates me about checking all my circuit breakers, wants to know what happened.  Well it’s simple, Mother Nature happened and it happened about 16 hours ago & to be precise, it was about 16 hours without power ago!

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Bedtime Stories

Father's Daughter

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
A.B. (Banjo) Paterson

It’s been almost eight years since my Father passed away and I still miss him dearly.  There’s an aching void in my heart that cannot be filled or replaced.  I have many very, fond memories of him, but sadly no new ones being made now.

As a child, I loved it when it was Dad’s turn to read my bedtime story.  He did all the different voices differently.  He could have me in fits of giggles with just one silly character voice.

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Wrapped Presents

(Creative Commons)

They say the joy of Christmas is in the giving, but I say it is in the unwrapping.  More specifically, the watching of the frenzied unwrapping.  As far as I am concerned, the gift giving part of Christmas is only relevant when there are children in the family.  I don’t see the importance of adults giving each other presents to celebrate someone else’s birthday.  Isn’t it more important to celebrate our own birthday and the birthdays of our loved ones?

So back to the gift giving, the wrapping and the unwrapping …

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Slip Slop Slap (Beach)

Slip Slop Slap



The beach part of my story is not about glamorous things like beach bunnies and bronze suntans … it’s about days spent at the beach getting sand in my mouth racing for flags in the nippers surf lifesaving program … it’s about many Sunday nights spent sleeping on wet towels to soothe the raging red blistering sunburn that I had achieved in just a few hours at nippers that day.

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Good Food & Good Company



Good food is even better when it is shared amongst the company of good friends.  What makes it so much better when enjoyed this way?  Is it the friends or the food or the sharing?  Whatever it is, it just works.  It becomes not only food for the body, but food for the mind and food for the soul.

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Everyone Wants to be a Writer


(Clipart Library)

It seems that everyone wants to be a writer … or an actor … or a rock star … all of those career choices seem so easy, you don’t have to work very hard and you can make a squillion!  Dire Straits even penned a song about this same idea.  It would seem that everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame and so enter Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a plethora of other social media platforms that enable this.

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